Catholic Census

The Catholic Census can be found via Admin > Census > Catholic Census.

Top Tip: All schools will be able to see the Catholic Census on your site, but only Catholic schools need to click into it and complete it.


In this area you can check the information in the school information table and enter the manual information required for Catholic School Information, Head Counts and Vacancies. 

Once you are happy that all the information required is present you can click onto "Get Readable Version" to check the data.  If this is as you would expect you can then "Get version for CES" which will go into your downloads folder and can be uploaded by clicking onto "Submitting your return" on the following link:

The above link will also provide additional guidance for the Census data if required.

If you believe that you should be able to access the Catholic Census but can't view this in Admin > Census please contact to let us know.  

For further information on this census please go to:

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