Recording Staff Accidents and First Aid

Staff accidents are recorded on the staff profile. Go to Admin > Personnel > Staff,  then enter their name in the search box to select them.


Alternatively, enter their name in the search box to the top right of ScholarPack, staff names are below the student names. Click on their name to take to you to their profile.


On the Staff Profile, under Extra Details you will find Accidents and First Aid.


Here details can be entered about the specific accident. 


If you click on Toggle Details (to the top left of the screen),  it will open up an extended record for data entry (to include witness details): 


Once information is entered here, you save by clicking on Submit. 

Note: you will need to enter data from the 'Who Dealt With It' and 'Zone' dropdowns in order to save the accident record. 

You can report on this area by going to Reporting > Reports > Staff > First Aid.


If you wish a member of staff to receive Email Notifications for each accident recorded, go to Admin>Config> Email Notifications


You can enter a staff member's name in the box to be notified of Staff Accident Logs. They will need to have a primary email address on their staff profile (Personal Details area). You will also need to set Send Details to 'Yes' and then Save the information here.  For every accident entry on the staff profile, you have the option to mark 'No' for Send Email Notification (it will default to Yes). 


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