Can I report on only students who are eligible for Early Years Pupil Premium in assessments for example?

You can report on your Early Years Pupil Premium students by going to; Reporting > Custom Report > New Report





On the right hand side, select the "Support" tab and tick in the box next to Early Years Pupil Premium



Click "Run Report" at the bottom of the page 



Once the report has run, underneath the Early Years Pupil Premium heading in the blank text box underneath type "Y" for Yes (Children who are EYPP) and click enter, or "N" for No and click enter.




You can also create groups of students that will show in reports. To do this go to; Reporting > Data Digger



On the bottom left hand side of the screen click onto "Manage Static Groups" or "Manage Dynamic Groups" and add the group name, you can then add the students to this group.


This group can be selected from the dropdown on most reports such as Reporting > Assessment > Checkpoints finding the group in the Group 1 dropdown.  When this report is run, it will only show those students added to your group.  


Further information on dynamic and static groups click here.

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