Can I run a report showing student destination schools?

You can create a report displaying students' Destination Schools by going to Reporting > Custom Report, then New Report.


If required, select a year group (e.g. Year 6) in the General Filters area, and include Off Roll students if this is relevant. Under Display Columns on the Misc Tab tick Destination schools. You may also wish to select Leaving Date on the Dates tab. When you run the report it will display the students in that selected year, with a column for their Destination schools.


Alternatively you could run the Admissions and Leavers report (Reporting > Reports > Student (tab) > Admissions and Leavers).


If required, select a year group and the date range for student departures, plus be sure to include Former Students if they are Off Roll


There will be a column for Destination School in this report.


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