Error 2120: SEN provision is missing or invalid.

If you receive this error you will need to check the SEN provision on the support tab of the student's profile. 

The DfE guidance specifies the following valid SEN provisions:

  • N - no special educational need
  • E - education, health and care plan
  • K - SEN support

If you do need to amend this click the cog next to SEN. This will then show a table with all SEN provisions for the student:


If the student had the provision it may be that you need to update the SEN provision to a valid provision. To do this you would end the provision and add a new provision using the add new button.

If the provision was entered incorrectly you will need to delete the provision and add it again. You may want to note down the details first. To delete this click edit next to the provision and then click delete at the bottom.

Once this has been deleted you can click add new to re add the provision. 

Please note when adding an SEN provision you also need to add an SEN need. This is done at the bottom of the page when adding the SEN provision:


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