Error 2130: Where SEN type ranking is present, SEN type code must be provided.

SEN Details need both an SEN Provision AND an SEN Need (or SEN Type) with a ranking of either Primary or Secondary.

  • SEN Support = K
  • Education, Health and Care Plan = E


Note: If the ranking is missing, this results in Error 2130.  If there is no SEN need at all this results in both Error 2130 and 2170.

See Error 2170: A valid SEN type must be provided for pupils where SEN provision equals K, S or E.

To fix this click on  'Fix Error' this will take you to the Support area of the student profile.


Alternatively you can search the student name in the top right hand search bar.

Once in the profile click onto the support tab and then thr cog next to SEN

Ensure there is a valid primary SEN need against the open SEN Provision - 



To add this click Edit on the current SEN provision and at the bottom of the next screen click 'Add new SEN need'.  



Ensure you have also selected the ranking of either Primary or Secondary then select the Need from the list of DfE specified needs and dates > Save 





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