Can I set up ScholarPack to force Staff Members to change their password after a certain amount of time?

Unfortunately this is not something that ScholarPack has the functionality to do. 

However there are a couple things you can do to remind your staff to change their passwords.

  1. Set up a Bulletin announcement every few months (or for however long you wish)

To do this go to Admin > Bulletin > Click Add new and you can choose a start and end date for your message, enter your text in the box and click save.

     2. Use the Internal Messenger in ScholarPack. 

When you click your Home tab you will see "Recent Messages, View All and Send New" click Send new and you can click "everyone" to select them all, or select your staff one at a time. Type out your message and click Send and everyone will get a notification on their Home tab, when they click it they will see your message. 

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