Error 7230: Number of agency/third party support staff must not include any teaching roles

This error indicates that the agency/support staff with teaching roles have been included. The following teaching roles must not be included as per the DfE requirements:

ASHT - Assistant Head

DPHT - Deputy Head

EXHT - Executive Head Teacher

HDTR - Head Teacher

MISC - Miscellaneous Teaching Service for the LA

MUSC - Music Tuition (include peripatetic)

PERI - Peripatetic teacher (unattached)

SENC - SEN Co-ordinator

SPLY - LA Supply Pool

TCHR - Classroom Teacher

TMIS - Teacher: engaged to teach in miscellaneous establishments

TNON - Teacher: engaged for non-school education

TPRU - Teacher: engaged to teach in a pupil referral unit

To clear this error, please go into Admin > Census > Workforce Census. In this area, please select the 'Other Staff' button and click the 'edit' button next to the teaching role(s) relevant to the error and click the 'Delete' button to remove the teaching role(s) from this area. 

When you calculate the full census return, you will find that the error is cleared from the School Workforce Census Validation Report.

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