Error when uploading an ATF or CTF file


If you receive an error message when uploading an ATF or CTF file into ScholarPack, first check there are no numbers in brackets after the filename (if present, remove these, then re-upload the file), or that you have not renamed the file. All ATF and CTF follow a particular format for a file name, and if the filename does not comply it cannot be uploaded. If possible, obtain another copy of the CTF or ATF with the original name, so you can upload this file.

Please upload the file in Admin > Secure Upload.


Once here, click on Choose File, select the CTF from your downloads folder (or where it is stored), click Open to select the file and then click Add to upload the file into Secure Upload.

Contact the Support Team to inform us of the error number (if recorded) with the name and location of the file. This ensures we can check the error logs and investigate the correct file in Secure Uploads.

ATF Nonstandard name Errors

Occasionally a Local Authority may provide a student admissions file (ATF) which has a nonstandard name, generating this error:


Rename the file, following this protocol: 


In this example, XXX is your LA (or LEA) number, and YYYY is your Establishment Number (you can view this from your School Details table in ScholarPack at Admin > Config > Core Setup > School). Enter the LLLL to indicate it comes from your local authority. It will accept any three digits at the end. When renaming the file in your downloads folder remove .xml as the file will already contain this in the name. 


For the school in the example above, they would rename their ATF file: 222LLLL_ATF_2222307_001

Once you've renamed the file into a format adapted for your school's LA/Estab number, go to Admin > Students > Full ATF CTF Importer to upload the file. If you still encounter a problem, please contact our Support Team, after placing the file in Admin > Secure Upload.

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