Can we add more checkpoint assessment points

If you subscribe to ScholarPack's Simple Assessment module, you can configure as many Checkpoints as you wish, and label them as required.

If you go to Admin > Config > Simple Assessment Config


You will find a tab called Checkpoints which shows you all Checkpoint variations already set up, and you can Add Checkpoint Configuration here:


Give the new Checkpoint grouping a name at the top of the screen, starting with a Baseline if required (tick the box if you wish the first Checkpoint to be used as a Baseline). After all Checkpoints have been added, click Add Checkpoint Configuration to save. 


The Checkpoints do not need to be restricted to Terms in the academic year, they can also be used to monitor aspects on a weekly basis (e.g. for use with recording students' Mental Health & Wellbeing). Name and add as many weeks as you require.


Once this is set up, you can return to Admin > Config > Simple Assessment Config, click Add Assessment, and set up a new Assessment Type, choosing the Checkpoint Configuration you have created.


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