Can we add web links to the Parents App to direct parents to for payment systems and other useful websites?

If you go to Admin > Parents App > School Details (tab), you will be able to add web links here which will appear in the Parents App.


If you click on 'View and edit school details' you will be taken to the School Details section of ScholarPack. Click Edit at the top, then scroll down to enter your school web address, and Update at the bottom to save the information. This will then appear in the Parents App.




Return to the Parents App > School Details tab, then under Links, click on 'Add New Section'


Give the section an appropriate name (e.g. Payment Systems in the example below). Enter the Link text as how you wish it to appear on the App, and place the web address in the Link URL box. Click Save changes.  The details you enter will show in a Preview window on the right side, and this is how it will appear in the Parents App.


You can add new sections (click Add New Section and give the section a name), or have multiple entries within one section (click Add after entering the information and it will show on the Preview screen on the right). Save the changes after you have completed each entry.

In the Parents App on their mobile phone, when a parent clicks on their child's name, they can access the links via the School Details icon. 





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