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The Extended area is where core information for students is stored.  Information can be retrieved from this area for census and reporting purposes.

Sections will be highlighted where information has been entered into the database but indicator boxes are not set correctly. For example if school history has been entered against a student's profile but the indicator in the school information area is set to No, then you will get a prompt to check the information held.  Other areas where warnings will be shown are in respect of SEN, In Care, Medical and Child Protection.


The extended tab shows a list of Core Information like a student's name, birth date etc.   The items highlighted in red will be collected at census time.

Adding a student to a registration group

To add a student to a registration group, change the value for Registration Group in the extended tab. 
This allocation allows members of staff to register pupils in their registration groups. 

You will get a warning when the Date of Birth entered for a student and the academic year do not match.  This is not an error but a check as some children are taught in mixed year classes.

A section on Personal Information covers data such as previous names, nationality, ethnicity and country of origin. 

The School Information section contains the UPN (Unique Pupil Number) and ULN (Unique Learner Number for pupils aged 14+) numbers and allows validation of these, along with entry dates, house, registration group etc.

The Further Information section contains data on family members, religious status, eligibility for allowances for uniform, free school meals, Universal FSM, and free transport.  It will also allow you to record which students travel to school on their own (walk, bus etc).  If you mark a student as an Independent Traveller, they will have an icon against their name on their profile, and also in the class register and Daily Check report:



Manage Free School Meals

To qualify for FSM, a child has to have one and only one period of eligibility open with a start date but no end date. There can be any number of periods with a start AND end date.  

In addition, other areas of note within Further Information are -

  • That a student is Ever6. This will change automatically to Yes if a period of eligibility for FSM has been recorded in the last 6 years.  If you have not been with ScholarPack for 6 years you will still have your previous FSM children noted from previous censuses, so the DFE will have a record of these children for funding purposes.
  • Pupil Premium

Simply edit a field and click Save at the bottom of the page to enter or update information.

The Service Child Information stores information about service children and any concerns that a school may have.  This data is exported as part of the CTF18 specification.


The Support Information section stores EAL information,  and the 'In Care' flag.

Note: For an explanation of the EAL process and steps, there is a link to a QCA document under Explanation.  In addition if you wish to flag a student as a Looked After Child (LAC) then you should go to Student Profile > Confidential > In Care.

In addition to the EAL steps, you are also able to record the students levels in reading, speaking and writing. The EAL steps and can also be set and removed in the student Group Updater. To see how to use the Group updater click here.

Off Roll Student

The Off Roll button at the bottom of the page removes a pupil from the school roll. You must first enter a leaving date and 'Save'.  

Next, click 'Off Roll' You will see a warning:

You will be required to select a reason for off rolling a student during this step.  There is also the option to record and export as part of the CTF the reason for removal for a child from the school register.  This is part of the CME specification.


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