Student Profile - Extended Tab

The Extended area is where core information for students is stored.  Information can be retrieved from this area for census and reporting purposes.

Student Profile > Extended (Tab)


Please Note:

Fields will be highlighted with warnings in red text where information has been entered but may be incorrect.  

For example; if school history is present in the Ancillary tab, but the indicator under School Information is set to No, then you will get a prompt to check the information held.  

Other areas where warnings will be shown are in respect of SEN, In Care details, Medical and Child Protection data.

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Core Information

The Core Information section contains the student's basic details such as name, date of birth, sex, gender identity, entry date and which Year, Form group and Bubble they are assigned.  

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Personal Information

This section offers more information on the student such previous names, nationality, ethnicity and country of origin.




School Information

The School Information section contains the UPN (Unique Pupil Number) and allows validation of this, along with more detailed school information on the student such as their Entry date, Enrol status, Funded hours etc.

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Further Information

The Further Information section contains data on family members, religious status, eligibility for allowances for uniform, free school meals, Universal FSM, and free transport.  



It will also allow you to record when students travel to school on their own (walk, bus etc).  If you mark a student as an Independent Traveller, they will be given an icon against their name on their profile, and also in the class register and Daily Check report:



Service Child Information

The Service Child Information section stores data about service children and any concerns that a school may have. This data is exported as part of the CTF18 specification.



Support Information

The Support Information section stores things like English as Additional Language (EAL) data, whether the student is the child of a Key Worker, Family type, Child Protection data, SEN Unit data, Funding, the 'In Care' flag and Post looked after arrangements.


Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 13.41.18.png

Custom Fields

Schools can add their own Custom Fields to student profiles which will show under this section: Adding Student Custom Fields


*The image above is an example of things you might find here.


Delete or Off Roll Student


At the very bottom of the Extended tab you will find a Save, Off Roll and Delete Student button. You can find further guidance here:

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