Error 2175: SEN type code NSA (SEN support but no specialist assessment of type of need) can only be used where SEN provision is code K (SEN support).

This error means you have a pupil who is listed with an SEN provision of EHCP but have the need listed as "SEN support but no specialist assessment of type of need". 

This need is only available if the provision is SEN Support. 

  • If the student should be listed as SEN Support you will need to delete or end the EHCP provision and enter a new provision of SEN Support. 
  • Alternatively if the need is incorrect you can edit this.

To amend either the provision or the need please go to the student profile (search the student name in the top right hand corner of the screen), click onto the support tab and the cog next to SEN and edit the provision as required.

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