Error 2275: Suspension or permanent exclusion category is invalid.

A suspension or permanent exclusion recorded on a student profile, with a start or end date in the period the specific census is looking at, must have a valid category applied. The available categories are:

Permanent, Lunchtime (not collected for census), Fixed Period and Suspension.


Fixed period suspensions were replaced by Suspensions from 01/08/2021, therefore any entry for Fixed Period exclusion after that date will generate a Census Error.  This Error is most likely to arise from a recent migration into ScholarPack, as our software will not allow you to enter a Fixed Period exclusion after that date. 

Check the Exclusions entry on the student profile's Conduct Tab. If the date is accurate but the category not valid, make a note of the dates and reasons, with sessions out, and delete the entry. Re-enter the exclusion using the correct category then save.  

Recalculate the Census to ensure the Error no longer displays.

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