Record a Child Protection Plan (CPP)

The Child Protection Plan is located on the student profile's Confidential Tab.

You will need the Child Protection Officer (CPO) user role in order to access this confidential area.


Add the Child Protection Plan Information

Here, you can create, edit or view a 'Child Protection Plan' (CPP) that a student may have. The CPP holds valuable information on the child that is put into place when a child has had a Protection Order placed on them for their safe welfare.

To create a new plan, click on the white cog next to Child Protection Plans, then Click on 'Add New' to set it up. 


A template will come up for you to use, or you can upload your own format (similar to setting up an  Independent Education Plan, or IEP, on the student's Support Tab). After you have input the data, add an Effective From date (start date), a Review Date, and the student's current Academic Year (see below). Click Insert to Save. 


You will now see on the student's Confidential Tab an indication that the student has a CPP


If you now click on the Cog, you can edit the current CPP or add a new one.


Child Protection Letter

You can generate a CP Letter (Child Protection) in Reporting > Reports > Support (tab) > CP letter.


This can be used to record any incidents of concern for a child.


Flag that a Student is on a Child Protection Plan

On the student's Extended Tab, under Support Information you can indicate if a student has a Child Protection Plan (CPP), or has a sibling with a CPP.  




If a CPP is recorded on the student profile's Confidential Tab, but it is not recorded on the Extended Tab, the red text will alert you to check with your safeguarding team.


What's next?

Find out how to report on students under Child Protection here: Protection Register Report

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