Clubs Reports



Creditors and Debtors

This report will list those students who are either in credit or in debt.  The first stage is to select the following from the filters.


  • Date:  Select the date range for the information you wish to see.
  • Clubs:  The clubs for which you want to see a list of creditors and debtors
  • Students: Which students you wish to see within the report
  • Years: Which year groups you wish to include.
  • Forms: Which forms you wish to include.
  • Display: This will allow you to select what will appear in the report.

You can multi select club, student, years and forms by using the Ctrl button. 


List Payments

This will allow you to generate a list of payments made between a specific date range.  It will list the information either by payment, student or club.


When selecting by student, select the year or form for the students.  If selecting by club you will need to select the club of interest.  


Single Student Club Activity


This report will allow you to see an individual students attendance, payments and club balances for an individual club or a selection of clubs.  The first step is to select the student then either all clubs or an individual club and the date range of interest.


The report will show a summary for each club together with a session by session record of attendance and payments.




Historic Register

This will list for the club selected and the date range which students attended the club (indicated by a tick) and those that did not (a red cross). 


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