EYFS Summative Assessment Import

Step 1 - Download the assessment template

  • Download the assessment template and open with Excel.
  • When opening you will be prompted to enable macros or not. Please select ‘Enable Macros’. This will help with validating your data entry before passing it back to us.

Step 2 - Prepare the workbook for data entry

ScholarPack uses development matters month bands for measuring attainment at EYFS (30-50E for example). If you are going to fill out the assessment template with month bands then you can skip this stage.


In order for us to be able to import your assessment data we need to know what your assessment format equates to in month bands. Therefore if you are using your own assessment format you must complete the ‘Mapping’ sheet.

  • There are three columns in the ‘Mapping’ sheet. The first is a ‘Description’ column, this describes the second ‘EYFS Band and Stage’ column. The final column is for your mapping. You must not alter either of the first two columns.
  • In the mapping column you need to enter each of your assessment formats next to each respective month band.
  • If you have multiple values that correspond to the same month band, then fill out the column to the right with second value. This can be done for as many values as needed, as long as each value is entered in a cell parallel to the respective step.
  • Once you have completed the mapping tab you are ready to fill out the 'EYFS' sheet.

Step 3 - Data entry

Once you have completed the mapping you will be ready to enter the assessment data.

We recommend to generate the custom report in ScholarPack to copy and paste a list of students and UPN to the required subject sheets. ( Reporting >  Reports > Custom Reports (Blue) > Choose All Students or year group and form group as required > Select only Current students > Select UPN > Select order students by Year and Surname > Click Choose )

  • Please ensure there is only one row for each student.
  • Check that the UPN field is populated for every student otherwise their data will not get imported.
  • The academic year column is the academic year of assessment.
  • The year of result is the student’s curriculum year group at the time of assessment.
  • The checkpoint column is the checkpoint at the time assessment. This can be one of the following - BL, CP1, CP2, CP3, CP4, CP5 or CP6.
  • Please do not add or modify any of the column headings, otherwise we will not be able to import the data.

Step 4 - Validation

The final stage before submitting your assessment template for import is to validate the data. In the upper left hand corner of each sheet is a validation button. Clicking this will highlight in red any cells that are not correctly mapped. Please correct these before submitting the assessment template or we will not be able to import your data.

Finally please double check the summative assessment submission checklist before submitting.

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