Find, edit or make changes to an off roll former student

You can search ScholarPack for former students in Admin > Students > Search Not On Roll.



Search Not On Roll allows you to search the database for students who are no longer on roll. You can access off roll student profiles which includes their address, contacts, attendance and assessment.

The initial stage is to select the individual student (or Form).  You can also select whether you wish to include the students last photograph on the report.  You can limit the report to between 50 - 1000 results, or include all former  students.   

There is a search box under each column header, so you can enter a search criteria to filter the results. 



From here, you can view the student's leaving date and their destination school.

Under Actions (first column), you have the option to go to their Profile, create a CTF for them, or Reinstate them (if they later returned to the school).



If you click on Profile (or their name in the table) you can view their student profile. It marks them as a Former Student. Here, you can access their Attendance data and Statutory Assessment marks, as well as Contact details. The profile appears as it was on the date they left the school, with the information available for access after they have left.  


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