Fire List

Student Fire List

If your school has to evacuate due to a fire alarm (or other cause), and there is a need to register student presence, you will find a Fire List at Home > Firelist.

Clicking on either AM or PM will download a register for the selected period, relating to the AM or PM registers taken. Top Tip: PM registers open at 12 and this cannot be amended.

The Fire List will provide a record of all of the students who have been registered as present in school that session. This will be all students with a / , \ or L code. 

Note: Students with a U or M code will not show in the Fire List as present as they are categorised as absent codes by the Department for Education. You are best advised to use a signing-in book to complement your Fire List registers. 

If your form names do not appear in the Fire List, and instead you have all students in an academic year grouped together, please go to Admin > Config > Register Config and ensure that the register By Form is set to Yes (click on Edit then amend the setting, Update to save).

Staff Fire List

If you would like all staff in school to show on the Fire List, then indicate which staff are present each day via Admin > Personnel > Who's Here Now.  This area will then link to the Fire List and the names of staff present will be recorded on the final page of the downloaded file.

Note: The Manage Staff Attendance report does not integrate with the Fire List. 

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