First Time ScholarPack Set Up Guide

If you want to read more about your onboarding process, please see our information articles:

Onboarding: Weeks 1 to 4

Onboarding: Weeks 5 to 8



This set up will take approximately 30-40 minutes - It is very important that each step is fully completed as this will ensure that your MIS works correctly, shows accurate information and that you can be supported by your support team.


Step 1 - Accessing Your ScholarPack Portal

Once you are signed into ScholarPack for the first time, the first thing you will need to do is change your password from the temporary one that you have been provided.

For security, we also advise you to change your password every 90 days, never save your password to your browser/device auto-fill and also never share your password with other members of staff. 

To change your password: Select Home > My Account, enter your new password and click Save

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Step 2 - Core Set-Up

To access this, please go to: Admin > Config > Core Setup


The Core Setup area contains setting options that control the core functionality of ScholarPack, for this set up you will be looking at 4 sections (School, Holidays, Years and Forms), please see below:



'School' is where you can record all of the school's information which is needed in order to send information to the LA (Local Authority) or DfE (Department of Education) as part of your census return.

Once set, the majority of the data within this area will not need to be updated unless you need to make any changes.

Any information that needs to be changed as part of the end of year process (e.g dates for the academic year) are changed when you complete your year end within ScholarPack.

Under the 'School Details' header within 'School', please click the Edit button to enter your details. 


It is very important that this step is fully completed with accurate information to ensure your ScholarPack platform functions correctly.

If you are unsure about any of the information you are required to enter, please go to the official government website: Get Information About Schools.

Also, if you see that your LA, Estab, URN or school name is showing incorrectly within ScholarPack, please contact your support team.






This section will allow you to set the dates when the school will be closed e.g. Christmas, Easter, half terms, bank holidays and training/inset days.

By entering in the school holidays accurately you will avoid any gaps in attendance.

You can enter a school holiday by using the 'Holiday' drop down box and selecting the appropriate holiday.

Next you will need to enter the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' (weekdays) then click the Add Holiday button. 


Please ensure to enter holidays for the whole academic year you are currently in, as well as the previous year. This will ensure your attendance data is correct.






This area allows you to enter the school's Academic year groups. This information is used throughout ScholarPack in areas such as generating registration forms, and assessment classes. 

When completing this section, please ensure to use the correct numeric value in the 'Academic Year' field, however, the 'Description' can be entered with whatever value you require (but no duplicates please!).

These can be changed at any time by selecting the Edit button next to the year you wish to change. 





Forms are usually registration (pastoral) groups but are sometimes named differently, dependent upon each school's preferences.

In ScholarPack, forms are your registration groups (these may be the same as your academic classes). 

You will need to fill out the 'Abbreviation' and 'Description' fields and then click on the Save New Form Group button (each form will need to be entered separately). 

These can be changed at any time by selecting the Edit button next to the Form you wish to change.


Please do not add any duplicates in the Abbreviation and Description column or your reports will be affected. Each entry needs to be unique.

If new Form names are required for the next academic year, please enter them as new Form names instead of editing the existing forms. 


If your forms are in the incorrect order, you can drag and drop these into the order you want.





Step 3 - Register Configuration


Here you will be presented with the options to configure what you would like Teachers to see on the registers in Home > Register


The Edit function will allow you to be able to select 'Yes' or 'No' for 'Meals', 'By Form', 'By Class', 'Show All Codes', 'Show Aspects', 'Show Notes', 'Show % Attendance', 'Clubs', 'Negative Register', 'Show Y Codes' and 'Show Remote Learning'.

Once you have made your selections, please click Update to save any changes. 


For further information on the 'Register Config' page, please go HERE.


Step 4 - Tutors

You can access this by either clicking Configuration at the top of the page to go back and then selecting Tutors or go to Admin > Config > Tutors


Once your Teachers are in ScholarPack you can assign them to the form they will be responsible for, to do this, click on the green Assign button and select Year and/or Form from the drop down boxes, once you have made your choice, click on Update to save.



You can assign a staff member to more than one form by clicking Manage and using the second set of drop downs below the current saved one. You can also have more than one teacher assigned to a form. 


Note: If there are certain tutors not showing within this section, this would indicate that they do not have a username created or the teacher role assigned to them. 



Step 5 - Ensure Your Attendance Is Up To Date

The best way to check if you have any gaps within your register and also resolve these, is to use the report called 'Gaps in Register by Date' which will also guide you to the 'Manage Registersection if any gaps need filling (in bulk or individually).

If you see any gaps within this report but when using the 'Fix Gaps' feature they are no longer showing, this will be due to children who are no longer on role, therefore, please remember to tick the option to view these former pupils.

To access this report, please go to: 


For further information on how to use this report, please click HERE.

For further information on how 'Manage Register' works, please click HERE.


If there are a lot of gaps, resolving these directly within the 'Manage Register' section may be more time effective. Also, if you are not a member of the admin team, you may want to hold this step until after you have provided access to admin staff members to allow them to assist with this requirement.



Step 6 - Confirm Active Students and Staff


To confirm all of your students have migrated correctly, please use the 'Class Numbers' report, you can access this by going to Reporting > Reports > Class Numbers


You may also need to check if your migrated off-roll pupils have a leaving date present. You can check this by going to Admin>Students>Search Not On Roll



To confirm all of your staff have migrated correctly, please use the staff 'Custom Report' report (green area); you can access this by going to Reporting>Reports>Custom Report (Green).

Once you have this report open, please ensure to tick the 'Active' option on the filter selection, if any staff are showing as inactive when they shouldn't be, please go to the staff members profile to resolve this (Admin>Personnel>Staff).

If you believe there may be some staff members missing, please try selecting the 'show inactive staff members' option first, however, with some previous MIS systems, staff may not have been migrated if they were not entered correctly/details missing.  


If there are any issues with your migration, please contact the ScholarPack team - click Contact Us in the top right of the Help Centre and select Onboarding, migration and moving to Arbor.


Step 7 - Retrieving Your Staff Credentials

We have already created your staff log in details and saved these as a printer friendly file within your ScholarPack portal in the 'Secure Upload' section.

Once you have downloaded these, you can print this out, cut out, and then provide these to your personnel ready for them to start using ScholarPack!


Your 'Secure Upload' area can be accessed by going to Admin>Secure Upload, once there, click on the file name of the file you wish to download, it will then ask you to sign in again with your ScholarPack credentials, once you have done this you will see the file automatically download to your computer!


Below is an example of what the credentials will look like:



Step 8 - Assigning Access Roles to Staff

When a login credential is created for a staff member, they will be assigned the 'Teacher' access role by default, this is because this role does not allow any data editing within ScholarPack.

  • You will need to assign other roles to staff members who require different levels of access to the system, e.g. SENDCO, Admin Team, Teaching Assistants, etc.
  • Please also check that you have the correct user roles assigned and change them if required: Adding or amending roles

Top Tip: We recommend you have at least 2 members of staff assigned the System Admin role as this is the role that can change staff passwords if they are forgotten. You can see full details of the roles here: User Roles Guide


Step 9 - API Configuration 

The final step in this set up is to configure any links you have with 3rd party integrators (such as parent payment, safeguarding and assessment systems).

Depending on the system, they will have different requirements on what is needed to integrate, therefore, to assist, we have created a list of the most frequently used providers and how to integrate these with your ScholarPack MIS: Frequently Used API Integrations, however, you should always speak to the provider of the service you wish to integrate to ensure that the integration is being processed correctly.

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