How can I identify recent starters to the school as a group for sending out Comms?

In Admin > Comms there is a dynamic group for New Starters on the left hand side.



Any student who has a current entry date within the previous six weeks will appear in this New Starters group. This will enable you to identify contacts who may require a Parents App linkup code, or to send out messages to new Nursery or Reception students when they join the school at any time in the academic year. 

You will be able to add all students in the group to the contacts selected, or individually select those in a particular form or year group, in order to target your messaging. 

As this is a dynamic group, it will be constantly updated to contain students who qualify for eligibility; those with an entry date that is current, and within the previous six week period.

You may cross reference with the Admissions and Leavers report (Reporting > Reports > Student (tab) >Admissions & Leavers) if you need to check the students' entry dates. 



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