Blank Student Register

Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab) > Blank Student Register

What does the report display?

The blank student register will produce a register that can be filled in by the teaching staff.  The date range for the register is selectable and each day is is split into an AM/PM period.


How do I filter this report?

This report is filtered by date range and Year/Form. Select your date range and Year/Form you would like and click Choose. Please note you can select multiple Years/Forms by holding down 'Ctrl' on Windows or 'cmd' if using a Mac.


You will then be presented with a blank register for each form with blank spaces for both AM and PM registers for each student on every day of the week.

How do I export this data?

The information displayed can be exported as either a Word, Excel or PDF document. You can also display the report as either landscape or portrait.


Additional information

Please note: The star on the report identifies a 'favourite' report. Click the star to toggle yes or no.

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