Error 2377: The pupil is shown as full-time therefore sessions per week are not required for a school arranged alternative provision (AP) placement.


This error regards the dates used when recording Alternative Provision placements, if the dates overlap for a Full Time and Part Time placement. It is not possible to enter sessions for a Full Time placement in ScholarPack, as it is presumed the student attends every session in the period recorded. 

In some cases though, a student may finish a Full Time placement in the morning on a certain date and then start another placement in the afternoon of that date. 

If you click on Fix Error, it will take you to the student profile. On the Support Tab, scroll to the base where the Alternative Provision is recorded, and check the dates. 


In the example above, the leaving date for the Full Time provision is the same as the Entry Date for the Part Time provision. Please check this is accurate, or amend the dates as appropriate. If this is correct though, you will need to make a note on Collect to explain the student's situation.

If you have made a change, recalculate your census to ensure the Error has now gone. 

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