Bulk Attendance Overview for a Whole Year or Form

Every student profile will have an Attendance Overview report under the Attendance tab, which gives a summary of the students attendance that academic year. To create this for an individual student please see: Attendance Overview for an Individual Student

There is a similar report which can be done in bulk. Go to Reporting > Reports > Attendance > Student Attendance Reports (bulk).

What does the report display?

This report produces a PDF document showing the weekly attendance, daily attendance statistics and overall statistics for students within a year and form group. You are able to select the period in question and the year and of interest.


How do I filter this report?

You would need to do it one form at a time.  Once the form has been selected, you have the option to selected individual students or the entire form if needed.  

Select the 'Generate PDF' button to download the document.

attendance overview.png


Once the report has been generated, each student will appear in alphabetical order with details of their attendance figures. 

downloaded report.png

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