Create Attendance Letters

Attendance Letters allow you to send letters to all pupils with a particular level of attendance or with a certain number of specific attendance codes between specific dates.
For example, you may wish to congratulate all students with 100% attendance, or issue a warning to all students whose attendance is below a specific level. 
Admin > Students > Attendance Letters

You will see a table of any previously sent attendance letters which you have the option of editing or merging to word. Alternatively, click Add New to write a new letter.
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Select whether you wish to base the letter on attendance between a range of percentages or on specified attendance code.
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If you select by attendance range, you can select the letter name and the upper and lower percentages.
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If you select by code, you can select the codes, number of occurrences and AM or PM periods.
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When you click Save, the letter will then appear in the table. Click Edit to amend the attendance parameters or Edit Letter to update the letter.
Clicking Edit Letter will open a word processor window in which you can compose the letter incorporating information as listed in the table below. The information about who has qualified for the letter and their accurate attendance percentage is taken from your school database. 

Copying the merge templates [first name], [surname], [percent] etc into the letter will pull through this information for each child when printing.

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You can also choose to include the school logo and address as part of the letter or configure it yourself within word.  To incorporate the logo and address, select the option to include header.
Once you have compiled the letter select Save, return to the main page and click Merge To Word. 
Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 15.31.01.png
Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 15.31.28.png
This will then give you the option to select the date range between which the letter is relevant.  
You can then select which students you wish to merge to the letter by either selecting all or individually selecting students from the right hand column. 
You can also record whether you wish to attach the letter to the Students Profile > Attendance tab and have a record of attendance letters generated for each student. 
Note that you can only attach the letter to the students profile if you have selected the print option first.  You cannot attach to profile that you have not selected to print.
* Selecting Print doesn't physically print the letter, it will generate the letter for you to view first.
Selecting Merge will produce an export button, select this and the letters will download onto your computer. If you have selected to attach the letter to the students profile, a record will appear in the attendance area for each student.
Please Note: If you have created an attendance letter that contains a coloured table or highlighted text, you will need to export the letter to Word or PDF before printing it as clicking the Print icon will remove the colour. 
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