Getting started with the ScholarPack API

Please note that this article is for reference for API integrators, not to be used by schools. Schools should use our guidance here.

To get started with the ScholarPack REST API you will need a sandbox API environment. This can be used to test the OAuth2.0 authorisation flow and also API requests.

To request your own sandbox instance please fill out the API Setup Request Form and choose 'Sandbox' as the setup type. We will create you a test school with fake data and set you up as a client with the sandbox API. Once you have submitted the form we will contact you with your credentials.

When you have received the credentials you will have access to your own private sandbox school. Before you start making resource requests you will need to be authorised by the sandbox school. Authorisation is covered in detail here. In this instance you will be acting as a school admin for your sandbox to authorise your app. From the user's perspective authorisation looks like the following -

  1. The clients app redirects the user to a screen in ScholarPack where they can grant the client access to their data. This page outlines the scope of what data the client is asking.
  2. The user can choose to confirm or decline the clients request to access their resource.
  3. The user is then directed back to the client app, if authorised the client can now have access to the users protected resource.

Once you've followed this process you will be able to use an 'access token' to make requests for the resources in your sandbox school.

When you are happy with testing your application against the sandbox API and wish to move to working with live schools you will need to submit the API Setup Request Form choosing 'Production'.

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