Gifted and Talented

This article will explain how to record students as Gifted and Talented and specify against which subject(s) if required.


How to Set a Student as Gifted and Talented

To manage your students Gifted and Talented profile you will need to access the extended tab within the students profile.

Under the further information header you will see a Manage button (see image below), click the button to begin.

Click the button '[Student Name] is Gifted and Talented' to start.

Once clicked, the student will automatically be registered as Gifted and Talented. 


How to Identify a Student as being Gifted and Talented against a Subject

Once you have set a student to Gifted and Talented you will have the option to specify the subject(s) that the student is Gifted and Talented in. To begin you will need to select a subject from the subject drop down and select an award date which the date the student became Gifted and Talented.

Click 'Assign subject and date' to save.


How to End and Archive a Gifted and Talented Subject

You will have the option to end the period for which the student was Gifted and Talented by simply clicking the 'End' button. Once clicked you will see a button called 'Reinstate'. This will allow you to set the student as Gifted and Talented in that subject again if a mistake was made.

Please note when you end a Gifted and Talented subject the end date will be recorded as the current date.

If you have ended a Gifted and Talented period, you can then archive your inactive subjects. Please be aware that will need to archive your inactive subjects before you can use the subject again.

In addition please be aware that your student will still be labelled as Gifted and Talented until all inactive subjects have been archived.

How to Report on your Gifted and Talented Students

To report on your Gifted and Talented students, go to Reporting > Reports > Students > Gifted and Talented.

You can choose to generate your report based on whether the students have ongoing, inactive and/or archived Gifted and Talented subjects.

In addition the report will specify who awarded and ended the Gifted and Talented subject. 

How to Create a Gifted and Talented Dynamic Group

You can create a Gifted and Talented group by going to Reporting > Data Digger, select Gifted and Talented from the 1st drop down box, a number will appear in the circle to the left of your screen.

Click this number to view the students who are Gifted and Talented. You will need to give the group a name and then click save, you will now be able to use this group in your reports.

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