For Reference - Covid-19 Absences and Reporting without the X sub category codes


This article outlines past guidance from Scholarpack for recording Covid-19 absences and reporting. The X sub-category codes for recording Covid-related absence were withdrawn by the Department for Education (DfE) from April 2022. This guidance is to be used for your reference.

ScholarPack removed the option to assign these codes from 18 April 2022, at the DfE request.

For DfE guidance click HERE. 

  • Pupils with symptoms of COVID-19 are no longer advised to get a test, and most of the scenarios that this category was brought in to record no longer apply.
  • Pupils who have symptoms of COVID-19 should follow the latest government guidance about when they should stay at home.
  • Where a pupil is not attending because they have symptoms of COVID-19 or have had a positive test, schools should record this using Code I (illness) unless another more appropriate code applies.

The Education Setting Status form is to be completed weekly, but questions relating to student absence due to Covid-19 will no longer be in the form (screenshot below taken from the DfE guidance). 


For Nursery Part-Time attendance, the statutory code of X is to be used. 


Running attendance reports to exclude Covid codes

If you wish to run an attendance report to exclude Covid codes, please go to Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab) > Custom Attendance Report.

Enter the date range required, and the year groups to be included, then exclude the I02 code (from the Exclude Codes column). The X Code subcategories were all not counted codes, so had no impact on your attendance percentages, but the I02 code is an authorised absence code and will affect your figures. 


If you wish to report on the percentage of students with the Covid subcategory codes, please go to the All Codes by Group Report


In this report you can limit the view only to the subcategory codes, and also toggle between the number of codes assigned per year group/form, and the percentage of the codes per year group/form (as well as whole school).


If you wish to see the student names with these codes, you can run the Code Count report for each code


Set the date range you require, and limit to particular year groups or forms if needed, then select the code from the dropdown, 


If you require further advice on which attendance codes to use for your students, please refer to your Local Authority or Trust leaders.

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