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Student First Aid Report

Reporting > Reports > Support (tab) > First Aid


 What does the report display?

This Report displays any Accidents or First Aid data recorded on the student profile's Ancillary tab.


To run the report, select a Group or Form, or click Choose in order to display all First Aid incidents in the date range selected.


The Report shows all recorded incidents where First Aid has been required and then recorded by the school. If you click on More Details you will see a printable version of the recorded First Aid incident that can be signed by parents if required.


How do I order, remove and filter data?

This report produces a table displaying columns relating to the report title. Simply click on the column header to order the data or select the bin icon to remove the column.

To edit this report further, use the white text entry field to filter the data (e.g. by student name).


How do I export this data?

Exporting your data allows you to print, save, or further edit the information on screen. To do so, click this icon (in the top-right corner):




Additional information

Clicking on the student name will take you to the student profile. Any students appearing in red will be former students, if you have ticked to include them in the report.

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