How can I set up a Year 1 class for students who still need to follow Early Years formative statements?

You will need to set up an EYFS class for these students, in order for them to access the Early Years formative statements, which you can do by going to Admin > Classes. Under the Create Classes tab, select Reception as the Year,  select the Group (form) you require (to avoid confusion with another EYFS class already present) and the Subject Development Matters, to save this data click Add New Class.


This will create a class called '0 ANT' under Year Reception on the classes front page.


Now, in Admin > Classes, go to the Add Students to Class tab and select both year 0 and year 1 then tick the EYFS class you have just selected underneath the forms (0 PUF in this instance). It will display all students in Reception and Year 1 so tick the students required for this class in Year 1, and Save Classes at the bottom of the page.


The class will now be in black instead of read, meaning it contains students but no staff. 


Next, go to Add Teachers to Class. Select the teacher you wish to assign to this class, so they can view the markbook under My Subjects. Select Year Reception (as the assessment class is set up in Early Years Reception), and tick the class to automatically assign it. 


This will add the class to the teacher's existing classes, all visible under My Subjects with their login. This markbook will then display the Early Years formative statements for assessment purposes. 

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