Time Lost Due to Staff Sickness

You can view the amount of time lost due to staff sickness by going to :  Reporting > Reports > Staff (green tab) > Absence. 


Enter the date range you require, click to view attendance by as: reason and then click choose.



When you run the report it will show all absences by reason, how many sessions have been lost for this reason, staff members and episodes of illness for the same reason. For example: 


In the 'reason' column find sickness and you can then view the amount of sessions lost to sickness over the date range requested. If you want to filter to only see the sickness reason, then underneath the 'reason' heading, you can type 'sickness' in the white box to filter and press enter. 


Please be advised if you enter specific sickness codes such as Non-work related eye/ear these may translate to sickness so you would need to check in the reason list for these episodes as well.

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