Dinner Numbers by Week

The Dinner Numbers by Week report will show a summary of meal numbers between a specific date range, you will have the option to toggle between year and form.

Admin > Meals > Reports (tab) > Dinner Numbers by Week


Select your date range (week) and whether you want to view the results by Year or Form group then click 'Filter this page by dates' - 

The results will display the number of School Meals and student Own Meals, as well as FSM, UFSM and paid meals taken.

There is also a Key along the bottom detailing the different colour coding -

Column Name  Displays
Paid The number of students who paid for a meal
Free FSM + UFSM, students will only be counted once if they are both UFSM and FSM
UFSM The number of UFSM students who claimed a free meal
FSM and UFSM The number of students who are eligible for FSM plus the number of students who are ONLY eligible for Universal FSM
Total  Paid + Free + UFSM = Total
Own The number of students who had a Packed Lunch (not provided by the school)


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