Staff Present for Fire List

You can record daily staff presence at Admin > Personnel > Who's Here Now.

To be able to get to this menu item, you’ll need to have the Senior Management Team, Human Resources, or Admin role. If you don’t have this, you’ll need to ask your team to give you access by following these instructions: How do I add a user role to a staff member?


To mark a staff member as present, click on the red cross to change it into a green tick. You can also bulk fill all staff to present, or as absent here. 


This information feeds through to the Firelist via the Home button (Home > Firelist)



The members of staff marked as present in Who's Here Now will appear on the Fire List on that day as shown below:


NOTE: This area is separate from the Admin > Personnel > Manage Staff Attendance area, and staff will need to have their attendance recorded there to show on staff attendance reports, or absence recorded on their staff profiles. 

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