Error 4720: Post is inconsistent with Role Identifier.

This error will appear when the post is either;

  • LNT (Leadership Non-Teacher)
  • OSP (Other Support Staff)
  • TAS (Teaching Assistant)

and the role is;

  • ASHT (Assistant Head Teacher)
  • DPHT (Deputy Head Teacher)
  • EXHT (Executive Headteacher)
  • HDTR (Head Teacher)
  • MISC (Miscellaneous teaching service for the LA)
  • MUSC (Music tuition including peripatetic)
  • PERI (Peripatetic Teacher unattached)
  • SENC (SEN Co-ordinator)
  • SPLY (LA Supply Pool)
  • TCHR (Teacher)
  • MIS (Teacher engaged to teach in miscellaneous establishments)
  • TNON (Teacher engaged for Non-school education)
  • TPRU (Teacher engaged to teach in a pupil referral unit)

These are not valid together as per the DfE as roles and posts so these will need to be amended.  If you are unsure on this please liaise with your Local Authority or the DfE.

If you wish to amend the role or post please go to Admin > Personnel > Staff - find the staff member and click onto the black cog next to any contracts in scope.  Amend the data and update at the bottom to save.


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