Add New Admissions Students

There are three ways to add admissions students to ScholarPack:

  • Manually
  • Via ATF
  • Via CSV

You wouldn't add a new student outside the Admissions area via a CTF as that would be used for students joining mid-way through the year ad hoc.

Adding students manually

If you wish to add your admissions students manually this can be done via Admin > Students > Add Student Manually.

In this area you can enter the basic details of the student (e.g. First name, Surname, Date of Birth, Sex) including their future entry date (or leave blank if currently unknown). 

The year group that you are assigning to the student should be the academic year they are in now (e.g. if entering year -1 in September, their current year would be -2 now).  The Year End process will automatically roll every student up one academic year, which is why this is needed, to ensure the students do not get assigned to the wrong year in September. 

The form group can be left blank at this stage. It is also not necessary to add a UPN at this point if you do not wish to add one.  

add new student.png


The COVID-19 related categories can be left if wished. They were required for the Covid Attendance Figures Report, to provide the attendance figures in the Education Setting Status Form, for specific groups of students. You can update in bulk later if needed via Group Updater. 

group update student.png


Once you have entered the information click onto the Add Student button which will create a student profile for this student.  If for any reason this student does not attend the school on their entry date you have the option of deleting the profile at the base of the  extended tab.

Once your students are added, if you refresh your page by clicking onto Home > Dashboard they will appear in the student dropdown box in the top right hand side of ScholarPack with future student next to their name in brackets. All admissions students will appear in Admin > Students > Admissions.  


Adding students via ATF

Note: ATF file names are DfE defined and an error may arise if the file supplied has a non-standard name. Please see this guidance if an error message arises: Error When Uploading an ATF File

If you have downloaded an ATF with your admissions students on you can upload this via Admin > Students > Full ATF / CTF Importer.

Once in this area click onto Add/Merge Students from ATF/CTF and then find the file on your computer to upload.

Once found click onto Upload File.  You will receive a list of all students present in the ATF.  In this area you will have the option to "Enrol"/"Import" a student who is not currently on your system or "Merge" if the student is perhaps currently in your Nursery provision.  

atf import students.png


To add the students onto the system it is necessary to click Import/Enrol next to each student individually. 

If you have the option of Merge it isn't necessary to click this as you may already have the most up to date information present for this student, but you can click Merge if you wish to bring across any additional details that may be present in the ATF.

Please ensure that option A (Admissions Student) is ticked next to each new student when importing the ATF to bring the student across with no entry date, otherwise the system will allocate the entry date of today.  

Once you have imported/enrolled the students you require, click Finish Import at the bottom. 

The students can now be found via Admin > Students > Admissions.  


Adding students via CSV

If you have a CSV with the admissions students data this can be added via Admin > Students > Admissions

First you will need to ensure that the CSV you have has exactly the same headers as the CSV importer.  If not, you will need to amend your file so that it matches the headers exactly.  There can be no additional data added to the CSV, this would need to be added manually once imported.

Please note Year in the CSV area is the year group of the student not the academic year.  

The year group that you are assigning to the student is advised to be the year group they are in now, not the year group they are  joining in September, although you can bulk assign a New Year for September once the students are in the Admissions area using the Bulk Update Admissions option. 

You can upload this by choosing your file and clicking upload file.

Here you will see a preview of the students to import.  To finish this import click onto Import CSV.

Once imported all students will show via Admin > Students > Admissions.  

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