Add information in ScholarPack to show in Table 6 of the Spring Census

If you go to the student profile and choose their extended tab. The information for top up funding can be added here under:

  • School Information i.e. Hours at setting/funded hours.
  • Further information - i.e. Early Years Pupil Premium.

Students who are in receipt of top-up funding are expected to have the SEN provision recorded on their student profiles - Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). To add this SEN provision, head to the Support tab area of a student's profile, click the cog next to SEN, click the 'Add New' button, set the SEN Provision field to EHCP, fill in the other relevant fields and click the 'Save' button. Some students may have top-up funding for other reasons though, in which case you annotate the Census query that may arise.

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