How do I add my holidays for the next academic year?


If you have your calendar planned for next year you can add the holidays to ScholarPack at any point.  To do this please go to Admin > Config > Core Set Up > Holidays.


 In this area if you scroll to the bottom of the page you are able to insert a new holiday.


Here select a holiday type (if none apply please select "Other"), enter the first day of the holiday and the last day of the holiday, then add holiday to save.  For example if the pupils are off Monday to Friday, the start date of the holiday would be Monday and the last day Friday.  For an inset/training day the start and end date would be the same. The holiday entry ensures the student register has a hash code to mark that the school is closed, and to avoid any gaps in the register on holiday dates.

Ensure all holidays are entered for the new academic year prior to setting any meal patterns. This will ensure no meals are assigned in holidays, which will affect student billing for meals. 

Do not delete historic holidays. They need to remain in this area for attendance purposes. Removing past holidays will create gaps in the student attendance records, as the school closure will no longer be recognised. 

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