How can I filter the "attendance percentage between" report to exclude aspects


The "attendance percentage between" report is accessed through; Reporting> Reports> Attendance> Percentage Attendance Between



When you run the report you can remove all aspects by deleting the column altogether for the report by clicking on the bin icon. 



If you want to filter the aspects column, you can type in the white box which aspects you do or do not want to include under the header and press enter

For example, you can type in the letter relating to the aspect and press enter- this will show all children that have this aspect recorded on their profile along with any other aspects they have recorded. 


You can also search for students with more than 1 aspects by searching for example "E and I"  and pressing enter. 


You can also search for students with aspects you don't want to show by searching for example "not E" or "not E and I"



If you want to exclude children completely from the report, you can click on the rows of children you want to exclude in the far right column- clicking on the green tick will turn this into a red X. When you download or print the report, these children will not show on the report. 



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