How do I assign an additional user role to a member of staff?


Please be aware you need the System Administrator role (sysadmin) to be able to do this

To assign or make changes to staff member user roles go to:  Admin > Personnel > Staff 


Select the member of staff from the drop down list - this will then bring up the staff member's staff profile. 


Click on "Change password/roles" under where it says "SP Logon: Yes"


You will then be able to select what role the staff member should have by ticking on the box next to the role. If you are unsure what role the staff member needs for the access they require, click on Staff User Roles on ScholarPack to check, or access 'Download the ScholarPack User Role Definitions' guide in the user role area of the staff profile. 



Once complete, click on Change to update the profile.

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