How do I assign destination schools for leavers?


To assign a destination school to an individual pupil please search their name in the top right hand search bar, once on the profile click onto the extended tab and underneath the school information heading select the destination school from the dropdown and save at the bottom.


Please note if the destination school you require is not showing in the dropdown you may need to add this.  For further information on adding a destination school please click here.

If you are assigning the same destination school to multiple pupils this can be done in bulk via Admin > Students > Group Updater - select the year or form group required (or leave these as all years and all forms) and change the student attribute to destination school and choose.



Once selected you will have a list of the students in the year group selected, you can then select the destination school required from the dropdown next to check all.  Then you can either check all students (if all in the list are going to the specified school) or alternatively select the individual students going to this school and update at the bottom once complete.


Once saved you can do this for any schools/ pupils required ensuring to update students once changes have been made.

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