Error 5220: The disability access fund indicator is only available for pupils with funded or extended hours

This error concerns students who have Yes selected for the Disability Access Fund on their extended tab, but have no Funded or Extended Hours entered on their profile.

If you click Fix Error it will take you to the student's extended tab. Scroll down to the School Information section to see if funded hours are entered.

For example, the Funded Hours area will need to have 15.0 entered (to match the hours at setting). If the student had 30 Hours At Setting, they may need 15.0 in Funded Hours and 15.0 in Extended Childcare hours, as well as a 30 hour code. Verify with the student contact or Local Authority.

If you scroll down to the Further Information section on the Extended Tab, check the Disability Access Fund area to see if this is correct, or needs amending. 

Once the changes have been made, save at the base of the extended tab.

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