How do I delete a student profile?

You may wish to delete a student's profile if they are no longer going to be starting at your school, or if their profile was duplicated in error. Providing your staff profile has the Admin role permission, you will have the option to delete the student profile entry.

Please be advised that once deleted, this information will not be retrievable. You must be absolutely certain the profile and any associated data will no longer be needed for record keeping purposes (e.g.: attendance data, history of communication with any of the student's listed contacts).

To delete a student profile, type the required student's name into the ScholarPack search box (found in the top right of every page) then navigate to Student Profile > Extended tab.

Scroll to the bottom of that tab and click the Delete Student box:


Solve the simple sum by entering the correct answer in the text box, and then click Delete to remove the student.  You may be asked to confirm several times.

If you receive an error when deleting the student (as below) you will need to remove any attendance codes (including X codes) assigned to this student.

You can do this via Register > Manage Register.  For further information on this area please see the below guidance:


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