How do I report on dietary requirements for Pupil Premium students?


First you will need a Dynamic Group for your Pupil Premium Students. If you go to Reporting > Data Digger, select Pupil Premium from the dropdown by number 1 on the right side. A number will then appear in the centre of the blue circle.


These are your Pupil Premium students. Click on the number, the list will appear, then you provide a name for this Dynamic Group. Now you have a dynamic group you can run most reports by this group.

Next go to Reporting > Reports > Students (tab) > Dietary Requirements. 


Select the Dynamic Group of Pupil Premium from the Group dropdown, and you will get a table for those students and their dietary requirements. 


An alternative report you can run is the Custom Report. Go to Reporting > Reports >Student (tab) >Custom Report


Select the Pupil Premium dynamic group from the Group dropdown. Also select Year Group and Form Group as well as Dietary Requirements.


This report displays the data in a slightly different way, so you can choose the most appropriate report format for your needs. 

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