Change my own password

If you need a password re-set due to not knowing your password or forgetting it, please see this guidance: How do I change a password for another member of staff?

When you need to change your own password and know your existing password, go to Home > My Account.

To ensure you are currently logged in with your own details, your username will be visible in the centre of the screen.

To the left of that it displays the last date you logged into ScholarPack, your existing user roles underneath (these determine areas you can access in the system) as well as a link to the ScholarPack User Role Definitions.

My Account - 



To change your password, enter your current password in the box provided and then enter a new one. You can check what you've entered by clicking 'Show new password' to avoid errors with data entry.

Top Tip: The new password needs to contain a minimum of 10 characters. We recommend following the Password Guidance shown to the right of the screen to help you select a secure password (e.g. using three random words). 

Click Save to update your password.

Please keep this confidential to protect your data.

  • A pop-up will appear to inform you of the password change, and that you will be logged out. 
  • You will be required to verify your new password whilst still logged in - enter your username and new password in the spaces displayed, then click VERIFY


You will get an email to confirm your password has changed.

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