How do I change/edit a students Year/Form Group?


Question - How do I change/edit a students Year/Form Group?

Answer - To do this please go to the Student profile of the pupil in question, using the student search bar in the top right hand corner of your ScholarPack. Go to the Extended tab and under Core Info there is a field for Year and Form, you are able to change both or one here, don't forget to scroll to bottom of the page and save.

If you need to alter a group of students, you can do this via Admin > Students > Group Updater. Select the Current Year/Form Group in the middle box, then set Student Attribute  to Current Year or Form Group. This way you can bring up all students currently assigned to one form group and move them as a group to another year or form group (either check all or tick those students moving form groups). Click Update to save this data.

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