How do I check if a CTF upload has fully merged with a student profile?

Once you have uploaded and merged a CTF with a student profile, you may wish to check to see if all the data has pulled through.

If you had not previously input contacts, you will see them on the front page of the profile. 



Also check there is a student address and UPN number towards the left of the screen.



On the Ancillary tab, there ought to be a record of their previous school (with start and end dates) under School History.



If the student is old enough to have completed any statutory assessments, check the Assessment Tab:

Click on Statutory Assess under Other to see their statutory assessments.



On the Attendance Tab, click on Attendance History under Attendance Reports:



The Attendance History report will show you the attendance summary for their time at previous schools:



If you are aware that the student has SEN needs, check the Support Tab for details of that SEN provision.



Also, if you believe the student is eligible for Free School Meals, you can check this area on the Extended tab, under the blue Further Information banner (note the FSM dates and that Pupil Premium has been set to Yes).

Click on Manage to see the FSM dates.  There ought only be one open date entry on the profile (if there is a future end date it is counted as an open FSM period).

If there are two open entries, one will need to receive an end date prior to the second start date, or be deleted as this will affect overall FSM figures in the Free School Meals report.



Click the Manage button to view the free school meal entitlement start date. 


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