View Inactive and Active Staff Members

You can see a list of your active and inactive staff.

Staff User list

You can view whether staff are active or not with the ScholarPack Users report. It will show you all staff who have a login, plus whether they can actually log in because they are set as Active or not.

If staff appear in your report, but have No in the end column, it means they are currently set as Inactive.


Custom Report

To run a report, go to Reporting > Reports > Staff tab > Custom Report.

Inside the filters box you can choose all of the relevant information fields you would like the report to display.

  • Add the Active column to display whether the staff is active or not
  • Tick Show inactive staff members to include all staff in your report

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 17.02.03.png


You can then view your report - all inactive staff will show in red. To change a staff member's status, see this article: Mark a staff member as Active or Inactive

  • You can order any column in ascending/descending order by clicking in the space next to the heading of each column.
  • If you wish to hide a column you can either untick the filter option in the filters box above, or you can click on the trash can icon above each column's title. 

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 17.11.57.png


Staff list

If you go to Admin > Personnel > Staff, you will find the inactive staff members at the base of the staff list. 

inactive staff list.png

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