View Inactive and Active Staff Members

You can see a list of your active and inactive staff by running a staff custom report. To do this, go to Reporting > Reports > Staff tab > Custom Report


Inside the filters box you can choose all of the relevant information fields you would like the report to display. When you have your filters set, make sure you also check the box labelled "Show inactive staff members":


The staff list displays below the filter options, and it should update automatically with each option changed. All inactive staff will show in red:


You can order any column in ascending/descending order by clicking in the space next to the heading of each column. If you wish to hide a column you can either untick the filter option in the filters box above, or you can click on the trash can icon above each column's title. 

To change a staff member's active/inactive status, please head over to the staff member's profile (via typing their name the search box, or by going to Admin > Personnel > Staff) and then click on the cog icon next to their name in the top left-hand corner of their profile:


Toward the bottom of the details box that loads, there is a dropdown menu where you can toggle active/inactive status. Select the option you require from there and then click "Submit" to save changes.


Note: Only when a staff member is set to Inactive will you have the option to delete their profile.

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