Check the Funded childcare data in Table 7 of the Census against our student data

Table 7 in the Census displays data for Funded and Extended Childcare Hours for pupils on roll aged 2, 3, and 4 years.

Go to Reporting > Custom Report > New Report.

Select the nursery year groups (-2,-1 etc) on the left side under General Filters, and on the right Features tab select Funded Hours, Hours at Setting, Extended Childcare Hours and 30 Hour Code.

Select Run Report at the bottom of the page and then filter the columns by date of birth (click on the header to bring in date order), or funded hours (enter 0.0 to filter for those with no funded hours, or 15.0 for 15 funded hours, etc).

Total numbers will appear at the base of the page.

Make sure you are choosing students who are born between the dates in Table 7 for each row to ensure the correct number of students have recorded funded and extended childcare hours. 

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