Enable student contacts to update their details on the Parent App

In order to configure the Parents App, you will need the appropriate user roles. To access the Parents App inbox you will need Admin and Parents App Inbox. Once you have these user roles, an additional two user roles may be added: Parents App Access Management (in order to view the Manage Access tab, to Revoke App Access or Generate Linkup Codes).




and Parents App Configuration (to access the App Config tab and create the default app settings. 


Contact Detail's Visibility can be set to Normal (each contact linked to the student will see their name, address, contact number and email) or Name Only (personal details other than name will be hidden from others, but the contact will see their own details in full). The app defaults to Normal for all app users, but this can be bulk changed in this area. Individual contacts may have their visibility settings changed in the Manage Access area of the App, or on the student profile, within their contact details.



Students' Permissions and Extended Student Details (date of birth, sex, ethnicity, religion and languages) can be set to Included or Not Included.

Student Dietary Requirements and Student Medical Details can be set to IncludedIncluded with Notes or Not Included. This is important for those schools that place additional dietary or medical information in the notes fields. 



In this area you can also select if app users can send messages or submit data change requests. If enabled, all comments or edits sent will appear in the app inbox for the school to review.



You will be able to filter the app inbox by Messages or Data Changes

Finally, you can set Students visible in the app to Contact 1Contact 2, or Any contacts with Parental Responsibility (regardless of their contact order). 




Any alterations to the default app settings made in the App Config area will need to be saved at the base of the page. 

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